Vision, goals, and duties

Last Edited : 27 / 10 /2021

Vision Statement

  • Leading the related area in the national level by creating the suitable platform for investment, activity, and progress along with sustainable development

Mission statement

  • Supplying secure and stable electricity for customers through the development and optimal utilization of power grid installations in line with stakeholder satisfaction

Value ​​statement

  • Serving: respecting customers and paying attention to the needs and desires of the stakeholders
  • Learning: continuous improvement, knowledge-based promotion, and excellence
  • Human dignity
  • Empathy, vitality, synergy, and meritocracy
  • Transparency: being informative, responsive, and accountable

Macro goals

  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Meeting community expectations
  • Increasing employees satisfaction
  • Increasing shareholders satisfaction
  • Increasing suppliers satisfaction


  • Purchasing, saling, and exchangeing electric power, both in macro and micro level
  • Operating and managing the facilities provided to the company
  • Collaborating with other relevant institutions in researching and reviewing in order to improve and develop the scientific, technical, and economic foundations in thearea the company is operating
  • Investing and participating in domestic institutions and companies that are related to the company’s intentions within the scope of the relevant regulations
  • Carrying out the tasks that the Ministry of Energy entrusted to the company in the scope of electricity
  • Carrying out any operation or commercial transaction that are necessary for the company’s intentions and are to the benefit of the company